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Installation & Project Management

On the day of the installation, you will have a meeting with the installation team to discuss the upcoming procedures. Prior to commencing the project, you will be introduced to all team members.

The first step involves the removal of the old AC unit. To do this, an installer will shut off the electricity by switching off the circuit breaker. This process must adhere to EPA guidelines and requires the expertise of an individual with EPA certification to oversee the removal, which will be carried out by Same Day Service. After the removal is complete, all electrical wiring will be disconnected. If a disconnect box is not currently installed, one may need to be set up.

Once the wiring has been disconnected, the old AC unit can be taken out, creating space for the installation of a new system. It’s important to note that modern AC units may have different dimensions compared to the older unit being replaced, which might necessitate the replacement of the pad upon which the exterior AC unit sits. Additionally, leveling the ground may be required during this phase.

Following this, the installation team shifts their focus indoors. They begin by disconnecting the indoor evaporator coil and removing it. Subsequently, the old copper lines are also removed. Depending on the installation’s specific circumstances, such as if the unit was enclosed in a closet, these steps can pose challenges and potentially extend the process. Once removed, the new indoor evaporator coil and copper lines, provided by Same Day Service, are installed.

To ensure the integrity of the copper lines, hangers are used to keep them straight and free from kinks. The control wire running from the thermostat to the furnace is connected, and filter dryers, which absorb moisture and filter the air, are installed. The line set is connected, and heat protection measures are applied. Dry nitrogen is introduced at this stage to safeguard the copper lines, check for leaks, and eliminate excess moisture and contaminants.

The installation team proceeds to connect the wiring to the disconnect box and the unit itself. They also add the condensate drain line, which facilitates the drainage of moisture from the indoor evaporator coil. After a thorough inspection to ensure nothing has been overlooked, the circuit breaker is switched on, allowing power to reach the unit. The system is then started and tested, running for approximately 20 minutes to enable the coolant to begin cooling the air. Consistent checks are conducted on the system’s pressures and cooling performance. Once everything is verified, the installers tidy up and secure the outdoor unit with a locking cap before concluding the installation.

Typically, most AC installations can be completed within eight hours, but certain factors may influence the duration of the installation process.

Tips for Getting the Most From Your New AC Unit

After the installation of your new AC system, it’s crucial to follow the recommended maintenance guidelines. Regularly inspect and replace the air filter every few months to maintain system efficiency. Neglecting this task can adversely affect your AC’s performance. Additionally, ensure that shrubs and foliage are kept away from the outdoor unit. Regularly clean the coils to remove dust, pollen, and grime. If you encounter difficulty in cleaning, it’s advisable to seek professional AC cleaning services.

For comprehensive maintenance, it’s wise to hire an AC specialist to inspect and clean both the unit and ductwork. While you may be tempted to save money by handling maintenance yourself, professionals have a thorough understanding of all the components that require inspection. Avoid the risk of your unit breaking down on the hottest day of the year by relying on expert maintenance.

Consider choosing a Florida Power & Light Participating Contractor. They can assist you in selecting equipment that meets your needs while also reducing your carbon footprint and cutting down on your power bills. Take advantage of programs that can help offset the cost of a new AC, resulting in cumulative savings. Xelor Air & Heat is one such FPL contractor. Contact Xelor Air & Heat today to explore the benefits of upgrading to an energy-efficient AC system that offers savings through rebates.

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